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A perfect scent for all those newbies, classics and risk takers! The Kokorico Gift set includes the Men’s Eau de toilette – the newest masculine creation from its perfumer, Jean Paul Gaultier. The set also includes a 2.5 Oz shower gel. Designed to suit various moods of a pleasure-seeking man, the men’s fragrance was rightly given the name Kokorico, the French onomatopoeia for which means the rooster’s cry. The explosive and powerful mix of cocoa and woody notes gives the Kokorico Men’s Cologne the irresistible scent that lingers on for a long period of time. With Discount Aftershave, you get the assurance of original Kokorico Gift Set at the cheapest online prices. Choose the Kokorico Mens EDT when you want the best in the niche of boutique men’s fragrances – something that is worthy of being cherished every day!

• Product Name: Kokorico Gift Set
• Brand: Jean Paul Gaultier
• Product volume: 50ml Mens Eau de toilette and Shower Gel
• Category: Eau de Toilette and after shave balm for daily use
• What to expect? Refreshing fragrance with blends of woody and cocoa notes
• Our promise: we bring you the biggest discount on Kokorico Gift Set – you won’t find a better bargain!


Jean Paul Gaultier

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50ml Eau de Toilette and Mens Shower Gel


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