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The Dovo straight nose scissors is perfect for the modern man who wants to appear presentable all the time.

Made from finest quality stainless steel, the noise scissors features sharp, straight blades, which are ideal for trimming nose hair.

Sporting a perfectly smooth round tip, the scissors for men offers safe removal of unwanted hair of delicate areas like nose. While the satin finish of stainless steel nose scissors offers sharpness and durability, the full length 4 inch blades make trimming nose hair precise and easier.

Perfect for personal use, salons, spans and more, the nose scissors can also be used to trim beard and moustache hair.

A perfect addition to your grooming tools, the nose hair scissors is the preferred choice of professionals.

Product name: Dovo Nose Scissors
Brand: Dovo
Product length: 4 inches
Category: grooming tool for men
What to expect? Sharp, straight blades which are ideal for trimming nose hair
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Based in Solingen, Germany and founded in 1906 by Carl Dorp and Carl Arthur Voos their surnames combining to come out with DoVo. They are manufacturers of scissors and grooming products, famous for their cut throat razors.
Discount Dovo Cheap

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